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Make an Appointment for a Non-Immigrant Visa

To schedule a visa appointment, please visit our appointment website at:

APPLY EARLY. Processing times vary but most qualified and approved applicants will receive their visa and passport about 7-10 days after the appointment.

Information on the Visa Waiver Program: 


The first step to obtain a visa

Make an appointment

Waiting times for visas

The interest to travel to the United States continues to grow.  We are delighted to welcome to our country qualified visitors for tourism, business, education, cultural exchange, and other purposes.  We encourage you to plan your trip to the United States with sufficient time so that we have enough time to process your visa before your trip.  We recommend that travelers start applying for their visas at least five weeks before their trip. This precaution is so that we have sufficient time to give you an appointment, do the interview, review you request and determine whether we can issue a visa.  Thank you for your understanding as well as your interest in visiting the United States (go to the State Department page).

All of the persons who need a visa in order to travel to the United States must make an appointment for a personal interview. 

It is also important to check the wait times to receive your visa in Madrid.

Must all applicants make an appointment?

All applicants must appear in person for the personal interview, except the following cases, which may apply for a visa by mail:

  • Applicants who are younger than 14 years of age and reside in Spain or Andorra.
  • Applicants who are 80 years or older and reside in Spain or Andorra.
  • Applicants for diplomatic or official visas.
  • Applicants for a trader or treaty investor visa.  After reviewing the submitted documentation, the Embassy will contact them to arrange an interview (E visas info).
  • Those that qualify for a visa renewal.

If you believe you are exempt from the personal interview please visit our website to obtain information to send the documents and to pay the MRV fee. or call our phone number at no additional cost (+34) 91-123 - 8866 or if calling from the U.S. 703-543-9306 at no additional cost. Please keep in mind that applicants who qualify for waiver of the personal interview may still be called for interview by a consular officer.

Request Access

Only applicants with a scheduled appointment will be admitted into the Embassy. Exceptions will be made only for parents accompanying visa applicants that are under 18.

Assistants for the disabled and certain translators must request access. Once the visa applicant has scheduled the appointment, they must contact us with the name of the translator or career who will accompany the applicant to the Embassy.

To request access for the person who will accompany you please complete the access request form:

Visa Applicants Name:
Applicants Passport Number:
Visa Appointment Date and Time:
Phone Number:
E-mail address:
Name of Translator or Assistant:

The day of the interview

No guarantees can be made on obtaining a visa in advance to the personal interview, and it is recommended that applicants do not make non-refundable travel arrangements until a visa has been granted at the time of the interview. All of the applicants for a visa will be informed at the time of the interview if their visa has been approved and when they can expect to receive their visa passport. The passports that contain visas will be sent to the applicant via mail.  It is estimated that it will take a minimum of seven days to receive your visa passport.   If your visa application is subject to additional administrative procedures for security reasons, or if you require additional information or documentation, you will be informed about it at the time of your interview.

The recent cases of terrorism worldwide have made it necessary to not allow access to luggage, backpacks or bags in the Consular Section of the Embassy. Please DO NOT try to enter with these types of objects. The security guards have concrete instructions to deny access to luggage, bags or backpacks unless there is a clear medical need or emergency and that is authorized by the Consular Officer or Security Officer.

Because of the great number of people that need the services of the Consular Section, access will only be allowed for those who have arranged an interview for a non-immigrant or immigrant visa.  Please have you family or friends that have accompanied you wait at a nearby location.  Only you are permitted to enter the Embassy fifteen minutes before your interview.
Questions about your application

  • To correct a misprinted visa.
  • To request an update on an application under administrative processing. 
  • To provide additional information after the interview with the Consular Officer.

Please call:

Local telephone: (+34) 91-123-8866
From outside Spain: 703-543-9306
Skype name: usvisaspain
Web page: