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  • Vicepresident Biden (photo: State Department)

    Biden's Travel to Ukraine

    The United States supports the rights, the freedoms and the fundamental dignity of the people of Ukraine, all the people of Ukraine.

  • The Earth (photo: AP)

    Commitment to Climate Action

    Earth Day is as important now as it was then. Our health, our economy, our security, and our planet’s future are once again threatened by pollution and environmental degradation.

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  • Secretary Kerry (photo: State Department)

    Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review

    I want the QDDR to be the blueprint to do exceptional things within an exceptional institution, to chart a course for how we're going to be more creative in our work together and in our engagement with the world.

  • Logo (photo: Department of Commerce)

    U.S. Efforts to Strengthen Entrepreneurship

    Entrepreneurs play a critical role in expanding the economy and creating jobs. President Obama is committed to increasing the prevalence and success of entrepreneurs across the country.

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Embassy latest

You®Company Program

  • Logo (photo: You®Company) You®Company is a video series produced by the U.S. Embassy in Spain with the intention of empowering youth through entrepreneurial values: motivation, innovation, failure and critical thinking, and corporate social responsibility, by way of a series of videos where Spanish and American entrepreneurs tell their own stories and chart their personal development in the business world. See videos.


Tratado de Libre Comercio UE-USA

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  • Badge (photo: State Department)

Lives Without Limits

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  • Logo (photo: State Department)

Information for Travelers

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